Gymnasia: People, Place, and Path

Promotional video supporting Josh Forrest Conway's core values for Gymnasia in West Newton, MA

Metrowest Bootcamp Heart and Soul

2016 promotional video for Metrowest Bootcamp, Natick, MA

Holliston in Bloom 2015

Made up of various companies, groups, and local volunteers, Holliston in Bloom invests in its community, integrating nature and plants to make Holliston's public spaces welcoming and beautiful. A participant of America in Bloom, a national organization, this is Holliston's official video entry into the America in Bloom 2015 YouTube video competition. 

Little Dragons: Revolution Martial Fitness

Profile of the Little Dragons (ages 4-6) class at Revolution Martial Fitness in Natick, MA

Welcome to Revolution Martial Fitness

My initial meeting with Sensei Paul Castagno was quite eye opening. Having driven by his school hundreds of times over the years, I was surprised to learn how different Revolution Martial Fitness was from the run-of-the-mill martial arts dojo. It was a school that taught children, teens, and adults a holistic view on self-defense. Paul's methods were much less about the physicality of martial arts, and much more about preventing any form of harm to one-self. What martial arts really was about before dojos started popping up on every corner across the US. In Paul's words, Revolution Martial Fitness wasn't some kind of Karate Kid Cobra Kai style dojo, and he wanted people to learn that.

The vision for the video was to use a documentary style approach to offer a peek at the personal care and approach Paul takes with each and every one of his students. Avoiding the stylized and aggressive fare common to most martial arts promotional videos, we developed a video treatment that would convey Paul's journey as a teacher, and introduce viewers to the world of Revolution Martial Fitness (Natick, MA).

BosStrap Sliding Sling Strap Features

Client's vision was to develop a simple, non-stylized promotional video describing the unique features of the BosStrap Sliding Sling Camera Strap. Goal was to be direct on the message, with an older demographic as the video's target audience.

Shot at the Sudbury Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge using a Canon 5D Mark II.

BosStrap Camera Strap Installation and Fitting

Client’s vision was to develop a simple, non-stylized instructional video describing the installation process of the BosStrap Sliding Sling Camera Strap. This was in response to the client's customers finding the installation process challenging at times. Goal was to simplify the installation steps into a 1-2-3 fashion that would allow customers to easily follow along.

Shot at the Sudbury Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge using a Canon 5D Mark II.

The Kick

Kickstarter video for a pocket sized lighting studio.

Everyday Champions: Jeff Atwater

An inspiring fitness series profiling an everyday health enthusiast turned marathon runner.

Everyday Champions: Sandra Yelen

An inspiring fitness series profiling a mother and olympic weightlifter.

YouTube 30-Second Fitness Channel

A quick-hitting fitness series, delivered in just half a minute for the YouTube 3V fitness channel.

ALA 2012 Boston Stair Climb

Promotional documentary for the 2012 American Lung Association’s Fight for Air stair climb in Boston.

Talking to Customers Pt. II

Situational scenario for a training module targeted at software engineers.

Talking to Customers Pt. I

Situational scenario for a training module targeted at software engineers.

ALA Clean Air Campaign: Rachael

Promotional piece in support of the American Lung Association's Clean Air Campaign.

ESL Training Series

Commercial spot for a series of 8 English as a Second Language (ESL) training videos. Post-production work was on 4 of the 8 videos. Produced by M/V Productions for the New American Horizons Foundation.

Jordan Hospital Breast Center

Promotional piece offering an inside look at the support and services offered by Jordan Hospital's Breast Center.