Crew setting up an exterior blue screen shot.

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Preparing for a quirky exit by our lead actress.


“Measuring Matthew”, the short, black comedy I was DP on last year, is in the final stages of post, wrapping up color correction and audio mixing, with a cast screening targeted for this month, which will kick off its festival run. The film is being produced by Lions Way Films, in collaboration with Shemoon Films. Here’s the logline for the film:

A man on edge examines his failed relationship, vividly imagining what was, is, and might be.

I had a chance to see a rough cut a few months ago before any music or sound had been done, and it was looking good, with a number of funny moments already shining through. A number of us have been eagerly awaiting the post-production team to come up for air and share some news. Today, they released the poster for the film, designed by Boston graphics designer, Silpa Sadhujan! Take a look…