With the 48 Hour Film premiere over, people have been asking what’s next in terms of awards and voting process. Here’s a summary of what lies ahead…

The 2011 48 Go Green competition is composed of 2 parts: an on-line competition, and 8 city competitions – Atlanta, Boston, DC, Houston, LA, NY, Portland (Oregon), and San Francisco. “Breathe Again” was part of the Boston city competition. The selection process is structured as follows:

February 22 – March 3
– Voting begins for the on-line film submissions.
– If you’re interested in these, they’re available at the 48 Go Green site.

March 4
– The TOP 8 on-line winners and the TOP 8 city winners are announced 
– These TOP 16 finalists will be screened at the NAB Show in Las Vegas in April

March 5 – March 10
– Judges select the TOP 5 winners from the TOP 16 finalists

March 11
– The TOP 5 winners are announced
– These TOP 5 winners will be screened at the Short Film Corner of the 2011 Cannes Film Festival in May

March 11 – March 17
– An on-line public voting is held to select the TOP 3 winners from the top 5.

March 18, 2011
– The TOP 3 winners of the 2011 48 GO GREEN are announced.
– These TOP 3 winners receive cash prizes ($5000, $2000, and $1000), plus a free trip to the NAB Show in Las Vegas.