There’s been a flurry of on-line discussion regarding the Life in a Day project, triggered by a YouTube teaser video that went up this past week featuring a Spanish girl climbing a human ladder…

[iframe: title=”YouTube video player” type=”text/html” width=”640″ height=”390″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″]

An initial Gizmodo article (Q: What Has 26 Directors and 4,500 Hours of Footage from 80,000 People?) was reporting only 26 people, whose footage played a key part in the arc of the film, were going to be credited as co-directors of the film. This conflicted with my expectation that anyone whose footage was used, would receive a co-directing credit. On Friday, a few more articles popped up which seemed to clarify this.

It turns out, anyone whose footage is used will indeed be credited as co-director, and the “26” is actually the lucky few being invited to Sundance for the film’s premiere. These 26 co-directors make up a pretty diverse group representing 11 countries – 7 being from the US, and even 3 from Peru! I unfortunately am neither a US or Peruvian representative for this one, but I still hold out hope for a “co-directing” credit!

Here’s the full list of Sundance invitees, and don’t forget, tune into the world premiere of “Life in a Day” at 8pm ET on Thursday, January 27, to see the 1,125 clips, out of over 80,000 submitted, that made it into the final film.