Final Cut Pro is Alive and Well

After all the rumors surrounding the future of Final Cut Pro, and how it was going to be dropped by Apple, or stripped down and merged with iMovie for the consumer crowd, there’s reliable proof it not only is being revamped, but coming soon.

A couple days ago, TechCrunch posted an article saying FCP was alive and well based on a rumor Apple had invited some “pro” video editors on campus to preview a new version of FCP. There wasn’t a lot of evidence offered, until yesterday, when Larry Jordan confirmed the Apple meeting on his blog, saying he was one of the invitees, and the preview was indeed for FCP.

After a very long wait, and seeing Adobe and Avid take leaps and bounds over FCP, the buzz is positive for FCP. The spring 2011 release people are claiming also seems realistic, as that would align the release with NAB and the traditional 2 year upgrade cycle Apple has been using for FCP.

Philip Hodgetts, another reliable post-production source, also offered up some thoughts on the latest news:


  • Howard Phillips Says

    I just hope & hell, even pray that APple will let fcp editors not have to render every time they dare experiment with an addition, a trim or an effect! AFter all, Apple does make the hardware too..! : ) Hopefully they take a page from iMovie;’s trim mode (which i hear is coming, among quite a few other iApp features). It really gets frustating to see people literally get physically tired & discouraged from experimenting with their editing because of the constant rending; i really hope that gets addressed in the (yet another) exciting new release of FCP. And that it is compatible with current projects too, what a luxury that would be!

    • Chris Says

      Completely agree Howard. In fact, I experienced this very same issue working on a 48 hour film…my sound man wanted to try some reverb effects on an audio track, and we kept getting p*$$ed off that you kept having to render after each little reverb tweak. Given the time crunch, we had to abandon the effort. Unacceptable.

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