Known as Queen of the Caribees, the island of Nevis is located just off the coast of St. Kitts – a direct flight’s reach from New York’s JFK Airport to St. Kitts, followed by a 5 minute water-taxi ride to Nevis’ Oualie Beach. During the week long stay at the excellent Montpelier Plantation Inn, the friendly staff helped inform a busy but exciting stay, enlisting the services of local taxi-man Hubert (Hubert’s Taxi Service; 869-663-0181) for some custom island tours, and Nevis Adventure Tours manager and guide, Reggie, to lead a climb up Nevis Peak (like with ropes and everything) and to the recently discovered Nevis Waterfalls, which Reggie is still in the process of paving a more accessible path to.

View of Nevis Peak from the Eva Wilkin Mill Gallery

Although Nevis is often considered a day trip for those staying in St. Kitts, it was easy to fill up the week with hikes and island explorations, and a little bit of rest. For anyone looking for some semblance of island privacy and wish to avoid the tourist overrun feel of most other Caribbean destinations, I highly recommend Nevis. Most people I’ve spoken to have never heard of it, so enjoy it before others discover it.

Locations highlighted in the video include:

View of St. Kitts from Montpelier Beach