I really don’t consider myself a photographer at all, and don’t seek out any photography related projects. I’m strictly a video guy. That said, I do a lot of still photography to practice my composition and framing, develop an eye and instinct for what makes good imagery, learn to work with natural lighting since I don’t use any photography lights, etc. Most of the stills I take are with my iPhone, posting them up on Instagram or Facebook to keep a journal of random things that inspire me or catch my eye.

Every now and then though, I’ll use my 5D Mark II to take “real” photographs. I typically only share these with Facebook friends and family, and have never profiled any of them on my site…until now. I’ve added a new category to my portfolio highlighting some of my favorites from various trips and events. Below are a couple recent pages that have gone up. Note, each page has a link to a Flickr set to see a few more shots.


Natural Bridge State Park (1)
Natural Bridge State Park


Cape Cod Sunset