As I shared in an earlier post, I had the opportunity of working with director Thomas Allen Harris back in 2009, when I interned alongside one of his cameramen, Anthony Phillips, on a project called the Digital Diaspora Family Reunion (DDFR) Roadshow. That project involved interviewing members of the black community about their family photographs, and was the foundation for a feature documentary Thomas was developing at the time, titled “Through a Lens Darkly”.

‘Through a Lens Darkly” was focused on exploring how African American communities have used the medium of photography to construct political, aesthetic, and cultural representations of themselves and their world. It has incorporated interviews and photographs from members of African American communities throughout the US, and from all walks of life. The documentary recently completed its fine cut, and is now seeking completion funds for post-production work. 

To learn more and to make a tax deductible donation in support of the film, visit its USA Projects page. The film’s trailer and request for support can be viewed below:

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