The 2012 New York No Limits film series kicks off tomorrow, which will include the premiere of Skunked, the documentary I helped film and edit out in Texas last year. Tom Escovar, one of the founders and the head of programming for the film series, posted the following today over on his Facebook page, summarizing his take on the selection of films screening tomorrow night.

If you’re in the New York area tomorrow evening (Wednesday, February 22nd, 7:30pm), buy a ticket and join us at THE WILD PROJECT, 195 E. 3rd St. NYC. You can also follow @SkunkedMovie and like the Skunked Facebook page for updates on the doc.

The year of the Apocalypse is finally upon us and to some its already passed, so time to load up on the popcorn (lightly salted, no butter) and prepare for the New York No Limits slew of short films on 2.22.12 at The Wild Project.  We’ll leave the numerologists out there to ponder the numbers, but it will be a great night for films.

From the great city of Che-cago comes Ehsan Ghoreishi’s AN ACCIDENTAL MONK, as Ehsan fashions a film around the dark fantasies of the forgotten man – taxi driver, who comes so close to forming that connection he longs for…From Canada Linzi Knight grants us THE GAY WHO WASN’T GAY ENOUGH, a short about rugby, finding your way and ultimately finding yourself.  It’s a great comedy, poignant and to the point- the way a great short film should be.  Alexander Yan treads with, in our opinion, a break thru film with ELKO. It’s stunningly original, disturbing all the things one looks for while searching for great short films, brace yourself.

From the land Down under, the new land of filmmaking is THE CRIMSON ROOM from Martin Sharpe, a psychological exploration about what fears confine us and seems to ask the question; where do the boundaries of reality stop and start…We love horror films, and with Eros Romero’s DOROTHY, it offers a brilliantly shot film almost like Sartre’s No Exit – trapped in a room confronting one’s fears.  Eros seeks to find how far one will go to survive.

Kevin Margo and Barrett Meeker go into outer reaches of sci-fi and experimental filmmaking with the beautifully orchestrated GROUNDED.  It takes the viewer to the outer planets and looks into what binds us, what divides the human condition and reminds that nothing can limit the imagination.  The award winning comedy HIGH MAINTENANCE  by Shawn Wines will make one thankful for his or her life no matter what’s going on and after seeing the film one will also want to hang with the cast, crew, director and anyone else associated because one will want to go on some endless adventure with comic book like heroes of HIGH MAINTENANCE.  Fortunately, we’ll have Geneva Carr, the tremendous lead actress, in attendance to answer a few questions about the adventure.

SKUNKED, a great documentary from Marfa, Texas premieres at NYNL tomorrow night, as it takes the viewer to the mysterious landscape of west Texas and into the lives of spirited people who ultimately take pride in caring for one another and communicate via an unlikely sport.  Co-filmmakers Chris Portal, Merri Lisa Trigilio and Laura Wagner will be in attendance to delve into the lives of unlikely heroes Jacob and his young indomitable nemesis.

– Tom Escovar