This is going to be a short post, as my group spent the entire day transcribing and organizing footage. This involved taking nearly 14 hours of video clips and organizing them into bins (i.e. folders) in Final Cut Pro 7, i.e. centralizing all of our formal interviews and informal sound bites, making some sense of the different shuffleboard matches we filmed, tagging and clumping all of the b-roll so we can locate specific items later. It was a long process, and the process of organizing the clips alone took me nearly 12 hours to get through.


Merri moving her transcription to Word Set of note cards for our interview with Avery  Laura moving her transcription to note cards. Notice the archive photos we got our hands on!  


While I did that work, Merri and Laura spent their day transcribing our interviews into InqScribe, in preparation for developing a story board. This was basically all we did today. We started at 11am, and went until 3am, getting through 3 of 4 interviews. We have one more “big” interview to transcribe tomorrow, in addition to a number of little sound bites we collected along the way. All in all, for a 10 minute doc, it’s a lot of footage to deal with. The shooting ratio (14hrs:10mins) feels excessive, but when you consider the fact we were filming a live, 2 day tournament, and didn’t know when our subject would win or lose, we had to film all the matches. On top of that, since it was a live event, we covered it with 2 cameras, so right there we ended up doubling what was already a lot of footage.