In about twenty-four hours, myself plus 9 other people will embark on our first 48 Hour Film project as part of the┬á48 Go Green competition, making a narrative short film in only 48 hours – writing, shooting, and editing it. The focus of the competition is to raise awareness of environmental challenges we face today. As such, the competition┬áhas some slightly different rules than the traditional 48 hour film project:

  • Environmental Themes. We’ll be randomly assigned a theme for the film which has to do with the environment. The themes are: animals, energy, the environment in general, forests, the next generation, the planet, the sea, and water.
  • No genre assignment. We get to pick our own genre.
  • Elements. We will be provided a character, prop, and a line of dialogue which must appear in the film.

Things get kicked off at 7pm at Lir in Boston. We’ve got a crew, a couple of actors, loads of equipment, a designated home base, a couple of locations, and a bunch of story ideas lined up. We’ll be shooting on the Canon 5D and 7D. Our plan is to write and story board late Friday night, shoot all day Saturday, and then edit and render all day Sunday so we can hand the film in by 7:30pm.

Visit the 2011 48 Hour Film Project page I’ve set up for more info. A few of us will be posting updates throughout the weekend, documenting the whole production via blog, stills, and behind the scenes video. Wish us luck!