I just got more details on the 48HFP eco themes…

ECO themes information

At the Kickoff on Friday, February 18, you will receive your 48 Go Green Assignment.  It will include your eco theme, assigned randomly from the list below. Your submissions must be narrative and support environmentalism.  Your assigned eco-theme must be the central story of your film.

  • Save the Environment — all living and non-living things that occur naturally on Earth
  • Save the Water — for drinking and agriculture, the very basis of existence
  • Save the Animals — the creatures of the earth
  • Save the Forest — trees and vegetation
  • Save the Earth — literally the soil, the land
  • Save the Next Generation — our children and grandchildren, those who will come after us
  • Save the Energy — any source of energy from the fossil fuels that are being depleted to renewable energy sources like the sun and wind.
  • Save the Sea — the oceans and marine life
  • Save the Planet — our world
  • Free Choice — your choice of one of the 9 themes above

Eco-Theme FAQ

1) Q: Does my film have to be about “Saving” something?
A: Our use of “Saving the” can be translated to “The Importance of the”–in other words, you may make a film that is about “Saving” something, but as long as your film reflects the “Importance of” the eco-theme that will meet our criteria.

2) Q: Does my film have to have a genre or could we do “movie trailer” or “PSA”? A: Your film should have a genre–that you choose.  Don’t forget, you are telling a story–and you should want to tell an interesting story.  Doing so without a genre is difficult.

3) Q: May we mix eco-themes? A: You may use Eco-themes in addition to the one you have been assigned; however, your film must be primarily centered on you assigned Eco-theme.