The Life in a Day channel has posted another interview with the film’s editor and director, this one talking about how they worked through the material to assemble a story. A series of fragments and moments in people’s lives, stitched together into a cohesive sequence to convey a unifying story. It’s a beautiful concept, creating a narrative about the day, composed of many random moments from across the world.

The interview looks to be a similar setup as the first one they posted, with a glimpse of my footage in the background. While it looks promising I might have made the final cut of the film, based on some on-line chatter and a couple of people in the know, emails were sent out to those whose footage made it in. Sadly, I haven’t gotten any confirmation so some of the anticipation has waned. Regardless, I’ll be tuning in on January 27th when the film premieres at Sundance and on YouTube.

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