After a long hiatus from posting stuff, I’m finally back and trying to catch up on some posts I’ve been wanting to share…

First off, thanks to Mark Ainscow, I have another batch of production stills from the documentary I’m working on for Veneer. This time it’s from a shoot back in April at Harvard Stadium, where I had a chance to interview Mike Reardon, Veneer’s singer.

Mike and a few of his friends usually meet up Sunday mornings to run up and down the stadium steps, which was grueling to watch, but tempting to try. After grabbing some B-roll of Mike and his friends, I sat down and interviewed Mike, with support from my trusty cohorts Dennis Ganz and Mark Ainscow.

Click through the image to see some of the other stills Mark was able to catch while Dennis and I set up for the interview.

Interviewing Mike Reardon at Harvard Stadium