So the screening this past Friday was incredibly successful. There was an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from friends, faculty, students, alumni, and random strangers. Their comments acknowledged a number of different aspects of the film, such as the emotional content, the acting, imagery, music, subtext, lighting, framing, etc. I was quite taken by the number of things people walked away with. This was also the first year CDIA handed out gifts to recognize all the films, and White Elephants ended up being recognized for Best Narrative Film, Best Direction, and Best Cinematography.

Perhaps the most touching moment for me was when someone approached me to tell me how much the film had touched him, and how he had gone through a similar decision decades ago, yet still finds himself wondering from time to time what it would be like if a different decision had been made. To hear the film connected at such a deep level for some people, it left me speechless.

Many instructors and school directors have urged me to submit the film to festivals, but to start at the top and work my way down. Needless to say, I’ve got to start researching festivals and preparing promotional materials. For now, I’m putting this blog aside and will be transitioning things over to a more formal web site soon. I’ve got the domain registered already (, but I need to develop content. I’ll come back and make one last post once the new site is up.