I’ve hit a snag with the apartment location for this weekend, requiring me to adjust our schedule slightly. The production schedule has been updated with the following changes…

Late Breaking News for Actors – Two changes to this weekend’s schedule:

  • I won’t be able to hold rehearsals with you on Sunday
  • If schedules allow it, I’d like to hold an additional hour of rehearsal time on Saturday at 4:30pm in Natick, MA to cover the apartment scene

Since it’s a last minute change, I will confirm with each of you when we meet in the morning whether this is possible.

Late Breaking News for Crew – Although the apartment location is unavailable, the camera, lights, and sound crew meeting:

  • Will still be held on Sunday, but
  • We will meet in Medfield, MA instead at 3pm

Again, refer to the production schedule for details on where and when to meet.