A Trip to Nevis Island

Known as Queen of the Caribees, the island of Nevis is located just off the coast of St. Kitts – a direct flight’s reach from New York’s JFK Airport to St. Kitts, followed by a 5 minute water-taxi ride to Nevis’ Oualie Beach. During the week long stay at the excellent Montpelier Plantation Inn, the friendly staff helped inform a busy but exciting stay, enlisting the services of local taxi-man Hubert (Hubert’s Taxi Service; 869-663-0181) for some custom island tours, and Nevis Adventure Tours manager and guide, Reggie, to lead a climb up Nevis Peak (like with ropes and everything) and to the recently discovered Nevis Waterfalls, which Reggie is still in the process of paving a more accessible path to.


View of Nevis Peak from the Eva Wilkin Mill Gallery

Although Nevis is often considered a day trip for those staying in St. Kitts, it was easy to fill up the week with hikes and island explorations, and a little bit of rest. For anyone looking for some semblance of island privacy and wish to avoid the tourist overrun feel of most other Caribbean destinations, I highly recommend Nevis. Most people I’ve spoken to have never heard of it, so enjoy it before others discover it.

Locations highlighted in the video include:


View of St. Kitts from Montpelier Beach


  • Jennie Lupinacci Says

    Will you come back again to Nevis, Chris? The Hermitage would be delighted to host you and show you what’s new.

    All best,

  • We at the Botanical Gardens of Nevis never get tired of viewing this beautiful and excellently presented love letter to Nevis.
    Great job Chris, loved having you here, and we look forward to your return.

  • Jesse Says

    Not only am I impressed, but now inspired to create my own video.
    My family is from there and I go often enough, but i can never fully describe what it’s like being there.
    Showing them may be the best way to do that. Thanks you for the inspiration!


  • Cheley Says

    Thank You for this beautiful depiction of my island! I’ve never visited MontPelier Inn but your wonderful video has peeked my interest.

  • Nicole Says

    Chris, I absolutely love your video. My husband and I just honeymooned in Nevis for a week in July, so I truly enjoyed seeing all of your images 🙂 We too went on a hike with Reggie (what an experience!).

    • Chris Says

      Thanks Nicole, glad you enjoyed the video. Those Reggie hikes are incredible. I’ll always carry that Nevis Peak climb as one of the most rewarding challenges I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing.

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  • Maria Daniel Says

    I love this beautiful island. I am married to a wonderful nevisian, and we are planning to live there, when we retire. I am happy that you enjoy your trip to Nevis.

  • Eileen Says

    Beautiful I would love to go there.On my list soon.Nice and love the music.

  • Great article on Nevis. Glad you had a chance to explore this beautiful island.

    Next time, visit their sister, island, St. Kitts and PEREIRA TOURS would be happy to show you around.

  • Annette Says

    I am proud to have a home on this beautiful island and feel so honoured to be made to feel like a true Nevisian. There are so many wonderful people and places on this island that even an hours documentary couldn’t do it justice!

  • demi Says

    Wow, You really captured the essence of the island beautifully!
    We love the Botanical Gardens and especially enjoyed the footage
    Of that location. If I made one change, it would be the background music it was a bit dramatic for the visuals.

    • Chris Says

      Thanks for the feedback Demi. And yes, the Botanical Garden was one of the highlights. There were so many picturesque spots there, it exceeded my expectations. A beautiful and well kept property.

  • Katherine Gardiner Says

    Mr. Portal, I’ve just viewed your Nevis film and must congratulate you on such a fine photographic journey of the island. In my much younger years, I was a documentary producer with the BBC and CBC and definately see your talents. My husband and I are in fact moving to Nevis fulltime after having travelled there extensively over the past 2 years living in rental homes to ‘test’ the waters. This done of course to see if this is the island for us and voila, it most definately is. I wish you much success in your film career and think you have good things ahead! Best wishes and as we say in the Netherlands, (where we currently reside) Gefeliciteerd!

    • Chris Says

      Thanks Katherine, so happy you enjoyed the video. Congratulations on the move to Nevis. It was such a beautiful island and hope to go back and visit again! Safe travels and best of luck on your move.

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