Motion 5 and Final Cut Pro X Leak

[Screenshots currently available at NoFilmSchool and AppleInsider]

Some screenshots of what looks to be a new version of Motion, as well as new screengrabs of some Final Cut Pro X dialogs were leaked via Twitter today. What’s interesting about the Motion shots is the addition of a new rigging feature. Speculation is “rigging” could have to do with importing or creating 3-D rigged models (a la Shake?), or possibly the ability to combine a number of settings into a preset that is set up in Motion and then accessed elsewhere within the Final Cut Studio apps.


And here’s the new project browser:


There were also a couple of Final Cut Pro X screengrabs, one showing the new design of the RGB Overlay graph, as well as the new Import dialog for controlling many of the new “automatic” FCPX tasks you can perform on ingest, i.e. image stabilization, audio clean up, color balancing, etc.


The Twitter account that posted this (“@BWilks2001”) is no longer active, but people are reporting one of @BWilks2011’s tweets claimed, in addition to Motion 5, there will be a new version of Color as well. You can read more about the leak at the AppleInsider.

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