All’s well that ends well

And it did end well. The movie is done. Rendered, copied and on it’s way to in-person submission at Lir, Boston.

It was tough on the team – lack of proper sleep, lack of enough time to do detailed editing and brutally cold and windy weather. However, no one is complaining. Not after they saw the final product.

We are all pretty happy of what we will be delivering after just 48 hours of work o it. Kudos to everyone!!

Next – wait till Thursday for the screening and award ceremony.

Three cheers for the entire cast and crew of “A Green Piece”.

Hip hip hurray!!
Hip hip hurray!!
Hip hip hurray!!

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  • Sunil Lala Says

    Hip Hip Hurray indeed!

    What a fantastic crew and atleast ONE good looking crew member!

    Gul – thanks for letting us trash your apartment too.

    See you guys on Thursday.

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