After an intense, non-stop editing session, our 48 hour film is complete! It was a hectic Sunday filled with exhaustion, stress, excitement, delegation, compromise, fear, adrenaline rushes, anxiety, and, most of all, an incredible amount of collaboration and team work. I can’t emphasize this last point enough, the film crew was awesome, patient, and supportive. I can safely say this was the most collaborative film project I’ve done to date. We all crammed into the office room at my house and split the work we needed to do…

  • Gul was searching for music and giving Ankit direction on how she wanted some lines of dialogue treated with an effect;
  • Rajesh and Jonathan were cataloging all the different crew members and their roles to create the end credits;
  • Mark designed a wonderful poster card for the film’s intro title card;
  • Ankit was multi-tasking like crazy, getting all our paperwork and releases in order so we could hand it in with our film, writing a script to quickly search our sound effects library, combining or treating different effects to get them to sound the way we wanted;
  • Dennis was reviewing the audio for my selects, helping to treat them to make sure they sounded correct;
  • And me, refining my assemblies, leveling audio tracks, developing the motifs for the film, tasking everyone with what I needed from them in order to assemble the edit.

The final edit is one I would describe more as a rough cut versus a final cut, but it’s what we were able to complete under the 48 hour constraint, and one we were very happy with. Thanks to our cast, and especially the amazing crew for making our first 48 hour film project a success!


Saturday Night Wrap Celebration © 2011 Mark Ainscow