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A couple of weeks ago, I posted the Life in a Day selection process seemed to be underway. Well, it is, and I’ve gotten confirmation one of the clips I submitted has made it into the top 100 hours of footage. Considering there were thousands of hours worth of footage submitted, this is a big step forward. The clip they’ve accepted is one of Lekha Nair’s dance performances, seen here in a frame grab from the video I submitted:

Still no guarantee I’ll be included in the final feature film, but exciting news nevertheless. Here’s a snippet of the email I got today:


Thanks for sending us your video for Life in a Day. We are delighted to tell you that your video has made it into the top 100 hours of footage that we are now considering for the movie. We can’t guarantee that your video will make it into the final cut of the movie, but initially we like what we see!

Here is what we need from you…

The message goes on with detailed instructions on what to do next, usernames and passwords for uploading, and deadlines to provide things by. Specifically, here’s what they’re looking for:

  • The clip they want original uncompressed media for, as well as naming convention to use for files going forward
  • A stack of release forms I need to fill out:
    • Filmmaker release granting them permission to use my media
    • Releases for everyone appearing in the clip, which in my case is 5 people. Some of these folks might be in India though, but I’m hoping Rajesh (Lekha’s dad) will be able to get in touch with them
    • Release forms for any minors, which in my case will be 1 since Lekha (I think) was under 18 at the time
    • Location releases…not sure about this one since there’s no hint of the high school location I filmed at. I’ll probably still try to get one just to be on the safe side

After this point, I’m probably not going to get many more updates, but hopefully as the January, 2011 Sundance premiere approaches, I’ll know better whether I made it into the final film.


  • Chris Says

    Hey Anna, yea, I’ve got 5 people that have to sign release forms, and a location release as well – all the legalese can be pretty intimidating, but it’s standard stuff from what I’ve seen in my limited experience. As for feeling out of your league, you must have an eye for good visuals or story to have been chosen, so you should feel pretty proud of your footage. Good luck making it into the final film!!

  • AnnaI Says

    Found you while searching for other people who got the “top 100 hours email.” And the process is proving to be very intimidating. So far, everyone that I read about is a pro/indie filmmaker. I feel terribly inadequate with my very amateur footage and lack of film making background.

    Good luck! I hope your footage makes it into the final project!

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