Had a chance to catch a special screening of “Measuring Matthew”, the short quirky comedy I was DP on, directed by Gul Moonis and produced by Jeanne Shapiro. The screening was held at MIT”s Sloan School of Management last night, with a great turnout by cast, crew, and sponsors. It was the first time everyone was getting a chance to see the finished work.

Matthew (Nael Nacer) is obsessed with two things: numbers and Jennifer. When Jennifer (Renee Rossi Donlon) leaves him, he’s driven to the edge of desperation. His salvation rests in the hands of his neighbor, June, (Audrey Claire Johnson) who understands Matthew more than he expects. A dark and quirky film of neurotic imagination.

The film turned out great, with a wonderful score by Cesar Suarez, and some very effective title designs and editing choices by R.J. Placko that not only did the humor in screenwriter Patrick Gabridge’s story justice, but also played up a number of awkward moments between Matthew and Jennifer. In particular, I’d been worried how a drive-by scene was going to cut together when we were shooting it last October, but it turned out fantastic and got a great laugh from the audience.

If you’re in the New York area, take a moment to catch the film’s public premiere at the New York International Short Film Festival (NY Shorts Fest) May 29 – 31, 2012, which it was just accepted into today!! Congrats to the cast and crew, and especially Gul for the recognition.