Many people at the screening were asking for copies of the film. Barefoot Workshops is planning to provide copies to the hotel or library for locals to check-out and borrow. They will also be posting it on their web site with limited access (more on this in a moment). People¬†outside of Marfa have also been asking for an opportunity to see the film. I’d love to post it here, but this is where things are at right now:

  • Barefoot Workshops will be posting the film up on their web site shortly, but it will be password protected. They plan to provide access to people from the community right now. Why?…
  • Laura and I are looking to submit the film to a few festivals, and given the restrictions some festivals have about the film not having been broadly posted all over the web, Barefoot Workshops is holding off giving general access to it.
    • I’ll be researching a few film festivals we might want to submit to. There are a few in Texas we’ll be looking at, as well as festivals that showcase films focusing on people with disabilities, so we’re expecting an interesting mix of festivals to target.
  • In the mean time, we’re exploring what additional “finishing” we can do for the film…
    • I’m looking to refine a few edits we didn’t get to because of time constraints, so that’ll come first.
    • Laura and Chandler have contacts in New York that can do a professional sound mix for the film for little or no cost, so we’re planning to do that once the cut is locked down.
    • I fixed a few nasty color issues for the screening, but didn’t do anything beyond that, so in parallel to the sound mix, I’ll be looking to get the film color corrected and graded. I might take a pass at it, or possibly call a few Boston colorists I’ve met over the last year.
  • On a more ambitious note, Jacob is planning to go to the Austin shuffleboard tournament in September next year, which provoked some conversation about using our doc as a Kickstarter fundraiser video in support of a larger feature, where we not only follow Jacob, but a few others as well. It’s an exciting idea, but that’s way down the road right now.

I might arrange a special screening for friends and co-workers in the Boston area, depending on interest, but beyond that, hopefully you’ll be able to catch our short at a local film festival soon!

Many thanks to everyone who’s been following us the last 12 days. These blog posts have gotten a lot of circulation and visits, so thanks for all the reposts and retweets. Thanks also to Chandler for broadcasting the blog posts, pictures, and videos to his network of thousands across the world – it was cool to get visits from many new countries and continents. And special thanks to those of you who’ve offered supportive tweets, texts, and Facebook posts these last 2 weeks. It made the whole experience that much more special, as well as a motivator in continuing to (somehow) make time and keep these posts going despite everything else we had going on the past 2 weeks. Thank you!

If you’re interested in hearing what unfolded behind the scenes on day 12 leading up to the premiere of “Skunked”, read on to part 3.