Chandler in the Hotel Paisano kitchen, demonstrating the
many different ways we can cover a “process” (i.e. an event).


“Expose, compose ™”, that’s what day 3 was about. Expose your image, compose your frame, and hold the shot. It was a long but relaxing day as Chandler spent it showing us how to use the Canon XF305. The topics he covered were familiar to me, and the rest of the group seemed to be familiar with the concepts in the context of photography, so it was the first opportunity I’d had to observe the process photographers go through in learning video. Considering most hadn’t held a prosumer video camera, and the day was practically a crash course in shooting video, everyone picked things up fast, and Chandler did a nice job keeping things simple yet thorough.


 Laura, my partner for the day, trying her hand at
covering a scene at the Frama Coffee shop.


Outside of lecture, we spent the day walking around the town, looking for an event or some kind of process we could cover. I ended up choosing a big, burly hispanic guy doing laundry at the local laundromat, which seemed simple at first, but quickly realized there wasn’t a lot of repetitive motion involved when you’re starting your wash. The most repetitive activity involved is really the process of waiting for the wash to finish. It was a challenge finding different, but interesting ways to cover “a dude standing by a washing machine in a tiny laundromat”.



Some of the shots seemed to work, my favorite being playing off the circular watch on his wrist, the row of dryers with circular doors, and the spinning clothes inside the dryers. Made me want to do an actual short film with no dialogue of the same guy doing his wash. That was pretty much the day. After spending a couple hours critiquing everyone’s test footage, I stayed up to continue working on the cattle herding video. It’s coming together, and I’m eager to finish it, but if it doesn’t get done this week before we start shooting the actual doc project, it’ll end up on the back burner.


Chandler commenting on one of the group’s test shoots. Cattle herding video in progress in Final Cut Pro X.