After setting up an overnight timelapse we’re hoping will help smooth out an edit transition, and about 3 hours of sleep, Ankit, Rajesh, and Chris are now working on the edit. Chris is editing the video, Rajesh is editing a title card 48HFP requires, and Ankit is assembling/rendering Chris’s timelapse to see if it will work. On top of that, Ankit and Rajesh are doing double duty helping Chris search for various sound effects to try out on the film, or ways we might be able to create them. So far, we have 2 of 6 scenes assembled, and almost done with the third.

It’s very collaborative, with Gul, Dennis, Jonathan, and Mark A due to arrive around lunch time to also help out.┬áIt’s not feeling too stressful yet, mainly because Chris shot for the edit so there isn’t an overabundance of footage slowing things down. It’s feeling more of an adrenaline rush, but there’s still a ton of work ahead.