The building is 601 feet tall and has 41 floors, most floors having two flights of stairs. There are a total of 789 steps and an elevation gain of 493 feet. There are 9-10 stairs between landings plus the two mezzanine floors, which have three flights each. The stairwell has one short hallway early in the climb, the rest is continuous. The stairwells are well lit and have handrails on both sides. The stairwell begins with right hand turns and then on the 28th floor switches to left hand turns for the rest of the way up.

The stairs are 7.5 inches high and 10.5 inches deep. There is a distance of 39.5 inches from inside the handrails, and the handrails are 34 inches from the ground. The floors are well numbered and the 16th and 28th floors will have water and bathrooms available. Volunteer stairwell monitors will be stationed along the way to assist if needed. There are 1000 participants, hundreds from over 40 fire departments.

This was the American Lung Association’s 2011 Fight For Air Climb, held February 5th at Boston’s Mellon Financial Center, and this is a teaser clip for a promotional video I’m working on to commemorate the event…

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