Last night, I finally received an email from the Life in a Day people, and they’ve confirmed my footage did *not* make it into the movie. Here’s a snippet of what they sent:

At this point, Kevin and the Life in a Day team have been in touch with everyone whose footage will be included in the finished film and with the 20 contributors who have been selected to make the trip to Sundance. We’d like to relay Kevin’s thoughts here: that every step in the selection process was more difficult than the last, given how much amazing content you submitted. Thank you again for your hard work and please remember that all submitted clips will live on in the Life in a Day gallery on YouTube, which will be updated and enhanced in the coming months.

Needless to say, it was disappointing and upsetting news, much more so than I expected, given the excitement of seeing some stuff show up on the video interviews they were posting.

It still sounds like a cool film, so I’ll be tuning in on January 27th to check it out.