Welcome to Revolution Martial Fitness

My initial meeting with Sensei Paul Castagno was quite eye opening. Having driven by his school hundreds of times over the years, I was surprised to learn how different Revolution Martial Fitness was from the run-of-the-mill martial arts dojo. It was a school that taught children, teens, and adults a holistic view on self-defense. Paul’s methods were much less about the physicality of martial arts, and much more about preventing any form of harm to one-self. What martial arts really was about before dojos started popping up on every corner across the US. In Paul’s words, Revolution Martial Fitness wasn’t some kind of Karate Kid Cobra Kai style dojo, and he wanted people to learn that.

The vision for the video was to use a documentary style approach to offer a peek at the personal care and approach Paul takes with each and every one of his students. Avoiding the stylized and aggressive fare common to most martial arts promotional videos, we developed a video treatment that would convey Paul’s journey as a teacher, and introduce viewers to the world of Revolution Martial Fitness (Natick, MA).